The great comparison:
Messi and Ronaldo!

" not be afraid of greatness, some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them..".. Malvolio, Twelth Night. I reflected on this statement in an attempt to understand Ronaldo's career so far. I have concluded that while he was born with a modicum of talent, for a man does not achieve what he has achieved without a certain amount of talent, he was determined to achieve greatness.

Captain Musona!

I hope he picks himself up.. First goal yes 2nd minute just make sure and tip it over the bar.. Second goal defence was dissected and the striker was even cheeky enough to try an outfooter.

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The Nakamba Transfer..

Thumbs up to Zimbabweans for celebrating this move by the young man. With each passing day, many fans were getting anxious but eventually the deal went through.

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AFCON Tournament

The curtain came down on what has turned out to be an interesting, dramatic and often error strewn Afcon tournament (often from the men between the sticks.. the goalkeepers).

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